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  • Learning How To Human in High School

Learning How To Human in High School

US public high school curriculum just isn't cutting it anymore. For the majority of students, academic based public school has become a farm feeder for sheep-breeding, money-making university or prison, one or the other. But there are options out there. Alternative schools should be revered as an alternative to the [...]

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Dreams, Weed & Creed

I am all for marijuana, but when I smoke it, I don't remember my dreams. Along with regular drinking, tobacco and substances, I've quit weed for almost a month and I dream every single time sleep, even if for a few minutes. I have practiced gaining control and understanding of [...]

  • Christian Music vs. Spirituality in the Music Industry

Christian Music vs. Spirituality in the Music Industry

I recently attended a for KING & COUNTRY concert. They have written some of my favorite songs because they fuse electronic/pop music with spiritual concepts that aren't too Christian-obvious on the outside. They are feel-good anthems that anyone can sing. Sure they mention god and Jesus in some of these [...]

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It’s No Wonder Why I Was Drawn to This Toy Sword

"It's no wonder why I was drawn to this toy sword at the arcade earlier this month..." I had an incredible energy healing and tarot reading session with @punkiedonna this weekend. It has been years since I did energy work with anyone. I’m glad I did it. I was removed [...]

  • chad lewine coming out iphone photo

My Coming Out Story (National Coming Out Day)

Mid-2005 - It started in the car, traveling to my Mom’s dojang (martial arts studio). We come to a stoplight at Rt 309 (Philly suburbs). I’m squirming in my head. We had been talking about school and a new friend named 'James.' While talking, I had gotten further along than [...]