My Mission

Stand for something greater.

Protecting the sanctity of pop music.

The majority of music being fed to our youth is not only tasteless, but toxic. My mission is to lead an effort to heal the mainstream, specifically the music industry.

Media – all entertainment – is being used to desensitize and keep us complacent.  Every song I compose, lyric I write and note I sing is with the intention of awakening both the individual listener and the collective mainstream; to bring awareness of how music affects us on a subconscious level.

POP, FOR GOOD. What is it?

Simply put, it’s pop music that stands for something greater.

POP, FOR GOOD can exist in many ways, including but not limited to – a genre, a concept, a movement within the music industry.

When I say genre, it is more of a concept; a classification applied to: songs that come from a place of enlightening and inspiring vs. discouraging/suppressing. This is not angry vs. happy. We need to cover all emotions, but doing so responsibly. PFG is about the true intention of a song, rooted in the songwriter’s initial intention. That is why songs with more than a few writers may sell well but their intention is diluted down to the last common denominator.

I can’t do this alone. We need more artists and influencers to use their voice for good. We all the help we can get. I am a small spark hoping to ignite a much larger call for moral accountability within the music industry. I aim to spark the initiative in other artists both known and underground.

“We gotta get the word out
Bring light back to the industry
Bring trust back to the industry
Put music before industry

I’m not here to preach it
I’m here to live it.”

– Chad Lewine

chad lewine - mission page photo

Causes I Support

  • Healing The Mainstream Media

  • Mental Health

  • Narcissistic / Cult Abuse Recovery

  • Prison / Justice System Reform
  • Fair Housing
  • Climate Change / Renewable Energy