I am influenced by the energy of a space; the purpose of the space, the movement of traffic, the positive/negative physical space in the immediate area, and the perspective of the viewer.

My overall goal is to have a mural draw people in by default. To connect with them on an energetic level that does not require words or recognizing an object or image. To make people feel inspired by the abstract yet colorful waves of energy the paint would emit.

My art is a visual representation – a translation – of thought, emotion or energy, or a combination of the three. I’m highly sensitive to energy, as many of us are, and I am fascinated by the invisible source that energy is. 

But is it completely invisible? To our human eyes, yes. But I believe we can all interpret and sense energy and vibration. It is the stuff we are made of. I use paint to express what can be felt and thought, but not seen. It is my hope that the viewer will feel or think something that can connect them to the universal energy we all tap in-to and out-of during our time on Earth. 

It is my hope that my contribution can help make it easier tap in. 

The Rock Den | Lansdale, PA (Spring 2022)

851 Main St. (

Marlton Square, NJ (Dec 2021)

featuring many details and digital edits of my smaller works

Wake Coffee / Ship Bottom Brewery (Summer 2021)

wake coffee mural - chad lewine
wake coffee / ship bottom brewery ambler PA mural

“Energy District” (2021)

Fashion District Philadelphia, PA

chad lewine - fashion district phl mural - energy district - 2021

“Emergence 2” (2021)

East Gate Square (Mt. Laurel, NJ)

emergence 2 at east gate shopping center

(Vinyl print adhered to window)

Local artist Chad Lewine’s “Emergence 2” now adorns the windows adjacent to the Old Navy store in the East Gate Square Shopping Center, shopping center M & J Wilkow announced on Monday.

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Lansdale Tavern (Spring 2021)

I painted the background.

“Energy Chamber” (2015)

Brooklyn, NY

energy chamber abstract mural

“Energy Transfer” (2016)

Brooklyn, NY

energy transfer - chad lewine mural

“Finally Flowing” (2015)

Brooklyn, NY

finally flowing
finally flowing
finally flowing 2 mural colorful

“Ladder to Your Dreams” (2016)

Brooklyn, NY

ladder to your dreams- chad lewine mural