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chad lewine - the gap (album art)

The Gap (2021)

This album is a mix of singles and unreleased songs from an era of my life/music career I am calling:

|_____The Gap_____|


In winter of 2018, I made the calculated choice to stop trying to fully produce my songs and just focus on getting better at songwriting. Almost 5 years later and I can say that was the right call. As much as I was disappointed my output wasn’t going to be as consistent, I knew I wasn’t making the progress I wanted. I needed to upgrade the whole process.

I wrote and semi-produced dozens more songs during this time, but these are the records that I feel are good enough to share. They are not perfect. The productions are not up to par with 35 or Boomerang, but they are important ideas and messages that need to be out there.

That said, anything new I put out will be professionally produced top to bottom, but these songs needed to publicly document an era of my life and career that was until now, undocumented.

I’ve been realizing that my music catalog is beginning to represent an auto-biography of sorts. A human journey told in collections of songs.

Pop over and check out

|_____The Gap_____|

on your fav streaming service if you want a little self-empowerment/encouragement kick.

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