Christian Music vs. Spirituality in the Music Industry

Published On: December 5, 2022Categories: Journal

I recently attended a for KING & COUNTRY concert. They have written some of my favorite songs because they fuse electronic/pop music with spiritual concepts that aren’t too Christian-obvious on the outside. They are feel-good anthems that anyone can sing. Sure they mention god and Jesus in some of these songs, but god can be open to interpretation if you are spiritual. I don’t deny the existence and power of Jesus Christ, but I challenge that he is/was the only one with such power. That is besides the point of this article, though.

Christian music is the only place you can get a steady dose of Pop, For Good in the music industry right now.

Off the bat, I am not here to downplay or criticize Christian music. My point is why is this level of spirituality only available in Christian music?

The sacredness in Christian music is virtually inaccessible to the masses that are not Christian. This does not seem right.

The benefits of belief in a higher power and a divine protection, understanding, forgiveness and grace should not be available solely behind a gate of an organized religion. Everyone is free to believe what they want, but this should not be the only way to reach this energy.

I like many Christian and Christian leaning artists and songs. If you are looking for uplifting music, all the songs they sing to their god, you can sing to your self, your lover, your friends, the earth, your pet, anything. That is what I infuse into my songs.

The energy and community at a Christian music concert is amazing. (politics aside, the non physical energy is undeniable. That is why religion is so powerful. Its effects are real.) Why is this high level energy only achieved through religion? You can’t get this at any other concert. Pop artist concerts do offer a sense of community but only reach a certain level of individual vs. communal engagement.

I’m not mad at Christians, I’m mad that society has put all the spirit in the world in that corner of religion and it’s only allowed to be there. Non denominational spirituality is looked at as witchcraft, mentally ill, fantastical and flat out wacky. WHY? A virgin mother and walking on water is not wacky?

There’s also the fact that I don’t feel completely a part of the moment. I loved the concert but the reality is I couldn’t fully reap its benefits because 1) I don’t believe in all of their rules and teachings and 2) because many people in the audience HATE me (LGBTQ) and wish I didn’t exist. WTF mate?

The whole idea of POP, FOR GOOD is to bring the energy that is dominated by Christian music and make it available to all listeners without having to subscribe to anything but being human and your own beliefs.

For non-denominational god sakes, can we make a change?

Christian Music vs. Spirituality in the Music Industry