Dreams, Weed & Creed

Published On: December 20, 2022Categories: Journal

I am all for marijuana, but when I smoke it, I don’t remember my dreams. Along with regular drinking, tobacco and substances, I’ve quit weed for almost a month and I dream every single time sleep, even if for a few minutes.

I have practiced gaining control and understanding of my dreams for MANY years and I can see how my dreams are changing as I change; especially as I’ve changed and grown throughout the year. These past few weeks I am standing up for myself in my dreams, mimicking my real life. It is truly amazing and self-validating.

Dreams are very real. They are not just movies. There is nothing superficial about any iota of time or matter in a dream. Every part of a dream is 100% authentically YOU. Pay attention.
This thought comes on the heels of me listening to “Higher” by Creed, and a line jumped out at me this time.

“I’d sacrifice all those nights if I can make the Earth and my dreams the same.”

And it brought me to tears. Because that is all I want to do in this lifetime; to make the Earth and my dreams the same. Not for me. Not my dreams as in my desires, but my dreams of healing and bringing understanding to the human race.

Can you take me higher?

chad lewine selfie in car with sun beam behind