It’s No Wonder Why I Was Drawn to This Toy Sword

Published On: July 25, 2022Categories: Journal

“It’s no wonder why I was drawn to this toy sword at the arcade earlier this month…”

I had an incredible energy healing and tarot reading session with @punkiedonna this weekend.

It has been years since I did energy work with anyone. I’m glad I did it. I was removed from and afraid of my higher purpose for so long, but she helped me tap back in. All the important signs were re-revealed to me and is how confirmed that I need to get back on the higher path. There is nothing more important than the mission. The mission is the message. Music is a megaphone for the message.

I wrote a song in 2013 with the lyrics “Straight from the heavens down I was sent, I’m a messenger. Many galaxies crossed.”

It’s true. I always knew it was. But at that time, the intention was ego driven. I knew I had something special to give but it was about me. I was the ONLY one with the gift and everyone owes me something. I was less focused on the actual message of helping others and more focused on helping myself, which is a whole ‘nother story.

The reading continued to insist that I DO have the message to share. That I have always been here for that purpose. Now, years later, the message is more important than ever. For both my purpose in life and for doing my part to heal Earth and #humanity. It is not about me anymore.

I was confused for so long, getting caught between having a gift and convincing myself it was all ego. My identity was beaten out of me from multiple angles, so I had no foundation from which to keep pushing the higher purpose of the music. Which left me introspectively wandering.

I am grateful for all I’ve gone through though, because I can now double-up on the mission with knowing that it’s not ego driven anymore. That my weapons and shields and powers are not for nothing. That I do have something special to share. That there is a reason why I: keep trying, keep at it, keep being knocked down and around. But I keep. Standing. Back. Up.

There were tons of recurring colors and themes in the cards. Swords was one of them. Note, I am not into weapons. I shy away from violence whenever possible. But the metaphorical sword is just as important as a real one when used for protection, and I am a master of the metaphorical blade. It’s no wonder why I was drawn to this toy sword at the arcade earlier this month. I almost stopped myself but allowed the gut feeling of getting the sword to win. It was not an unhealthy decision, even in the moment. The gut feeling was right.

My sword has been sheathed for YEARS. Which is why I was trampled on for so long. Well, now…

It’s time to use the sword. Quick and slick. Grab the sword and slice.

If you are looking for guidance or answers, hit up Punkie.

chad lewine - original minecraft sword photo