Sprout (album)

The album “Sprout” by Chad Lewine is a captivating musical journey. With its diverse collection of songs and the album cover showcasing Chad’s original artwork, this album is a testament to his artistic talent and creative expression. Crafted mostly during his time at the Taaffe artist loft in Brooklyn, “Sprout” emanates an electronic yet organic and genuine energy that resonates throughout the entire album. Each track delves into a wide range of topics, including personal growth, love, evolution, activism, police brutality, and even astral projection.

As you delve into the tracks of “Sprout,” you’ll be enthralled by the remarkable musicality and the fusion of different genres and influences. Chad Lewine’s artistry shines through, offering a dynamic and immersive listening experience. The songs will take you on an introspective journey, prompting deep reflection on both individual experiences and broader social issues. Whether you find solace in heartfelt ballads or seek inspiration through powerful anthems, this album delivers a rich tapestry of emotions and thought-provoking themes.

Through “Sprout,” Chad Lewine has crafted an album that not only entertains but also encourages listeners to explore new perspectives and engage with the world around them. So, take a moment to immerse yourself in the artistry and depth of “Sprout” as Chad’s musical and artistic talents merge seamlessly to create an album that is both captivating and introspective.

Sprout tracklisting

  • 1
  • 2
    Branching Out
  • 3
    We’re Here
  • 4
    Night Time Flight Time
  • 5
    Let Love Happen
  • 6
  • 7
    Sign My Name
  • 8
    No Signal
  • 9
    Androgynous NRG
  • 10
    Buzz Up (demo)
  • 11
    HYVSB (Hope You Visit Soon, Bro)
sprout - chad lewine (album art)
sprout (track art) - chad lewine
branching out (track art) - chad lewine
we're here (track art) - chad lewine
night time flight time (track art) - chad lewine
let love happen (track art) - chad lewine
city (track art) - chad lewine
sign my name (track art) - chad lewine
no signal (track art) - chad lewine
androgynous NRG (track art) - chad lewine
buzz up (demo) (track art) - chad lewine
hope you visit soon, bro (track art) - chad lewine