The Gap (album)

“The Gap” is a captivating album by Chad Lewine that serves as a time capsule of his musical journey from 2018 to 2021. This collection showcases a mix of singles and unreleased tracks, representing an era of introspection and growth in Lewine’s music career. In the winter of 2018, Lewine made a pivotal decision to shift his focus from fully producing his songs to honing his songwriting skills. The result is a body of work that exudes authenticity and artistic development.

During “The Gap” period, Chad Lewine dedicated himself to the art of songwriting, investing countless hours into crafting melodies and lyrics that resonate with his listeners. While his output may have been less consistent, the quality of his compositions reached new heights. This album features the cream of the crop from Lewine’s vast repertoire of songs, carefully chosen as the records that he believes are worthy of sharing with the world. Each track is a testament to his artistic evolution and showcases his dedication to his craft.

“The Gap” is a testament to Chad Lewine’s growth as a songwriter and musician. With each track, listeners are invited into a world where vulnerability and passion intertwine, creating a powerful and emotive musical experience. This album serves as a reminder that sometimes taking a step back and focusing on the foundation can lead to transformative growth and artistic breakthroughs. Chad Lewine’s “The Gap” is a captivating compilation that not only chronicles his journey but also resonates deeply with audiences who appreciate the beauty of authentic, introspective music.

The Gap tracklisting

the gap - chad lewine (album art)
limitless (track art) - chad lewine
riptide (track art) - chad lewine
over it (track art) - chad lewine
freedom ring (track art) - chad lewine
higher ground (track art) - chad lewine
breaking the bond (track art) - chad lewine
masterpeace (track art) - chad lewine
love another lifetime (track art) - chad lewine
radiate (track art) - chad lewine